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Beauty in Sound

by Atish

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Worked on these :)

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this video kind of blew my mind. like, we always think other languages with their accents sound beautiful (french is my personal fave) but never really think about how our language sounds to other people.

kudos to the people who conceptualized this.

my thoughts exactly. I wish someone did this for Hebrew…

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פרחים ממנו

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NY is killing me

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Glad we got THAT out of the way…

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yeah, that.

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Home made bread, Papa made apricot jam.

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Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie Turntable

fuck yeah minimalism.

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Deus Odd Job SR542 Motorcycle


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cargo pallet as headboard? yes please! 

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Slingbox 700U is the smallest Slingbox—a place-shifting device assigned to communicate all home video content to the web, for you to watch on your mobile phone, laptop or another TV, anywhere, anytime. The Slingbox is designed to improve existing audio/video equipment such as set-top boxes, DVRs and satellite receivers with HD place-shifting capability.

Credits: Gadi Amit, Inbal Etgar, Chad Harber and Min Soek Song of NewDealDesign LLC, and Dallas Grove of SlingMedia Inc. (via Slingbox 700U | Co.)

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Epic opening scene form Layer Cake. Classic.

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